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Scene One




MOONTAN is sitting sketching at an outdoor cafe. He takes a sip

of coffee and studies his latest attempt to capture the rich

turmoil of the square in the strokes of his pencil... The tourists,

Maori families, and workers and business people out for their lunch.


From somewhere beyond the far side of the square comes the muted

sound of chanting and, glancing up, he sees CRYSTAL darting in

and out of the crowd on her roller blades, her bright clothes and

green hair attracting attention like a magnet.


He smiles, plays with the coins lying next to his cup, and

motions the waiter for another coffee. Two police vans enter the

far side of the square by the Sergeant Gallery. The chanting is

growing louder.


Crystal skates to a halt beside him.



            How's that for Karma?


She places a bank note on the table. It is fifty dollars.


He looks at her. Her clear skin and clean American features shine

in the heavy air. She grins.



            A guy just gave it to me... Said he liked our style.


He smiles.



            What about the clearance?



            They wouldn't process it.


She shrugs, then leans over the table and kisses him on the



He draws her attention to the police, and the chanting.



            That's why they stopped us... It's that Opera

            House action.


She studies the square. Then sits down and clips open her roller




            Either that or you created it to give

            yourself an excuse.


She pulls a hat out of her backpack, and empties a pile of coins

onto the table.


He wrinkles his nose.


Beside his chair a small flower has pushed its way up between

the paving stones to stand poised amidst half-eaten ice creams

and cigarette butts.


He watches her counting the coins into piles.



            I forgot the Opera House was happening

            today... We should check it out.


He nods, absently.



            What would you do if I stopped?



            I don't know.


She glances up.



            What would you do?


Her eyes twinkle. 



            I'd get a house with a garden ... and I'd paint.



            I'll come and visit.


They laugh at the likelihood of such an event.


The coffee arrived, and she convinced the waiter to exchange some

of the coins for notes.



            So we've got enough to last us till tomorrow.

            I don't know how you kept yourself together

            before I arrived.



            It was hard work and no fun.


She throws a piece of sugar at him.



            I get spaced out.


On the wall of the cafe is a poster of the planet.


                        MOONTAN (CONT)

            And sometimes it seems so fragile.


He shrugs.


                        MOONTAN (CONT)

            Sometimes I long for something more stable.


She smiles.



            It's a state of mind.


He looks at her.


                        CRYSTAL (CONT)

            Stability, it's a state of mind.


The chanting is getting closer. A group of demonstrators come

into view with a banner reading: "Opera House Action for Wanganui



Sirens are approaching from the distance. The sound of conga

drums join the beat of the chanting. Crystal turns in the

direction of the sound, and Moontan watches her body assess the




            Let's go and check it out.


He nods, and they grab their gear, and leave.




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