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Moana and Eva are performing as Butterfly Crush at Circular Quay in Sydney, when a riot engulfs their show and they are forced to run for cover. Moana collapses in Kings Cross and awakes at the Dreamguides, a cult that Eva has recently become involved with. Matt, a young cult member, reassures Moana that the riot was just a virtual dream.

Butterfly Crush hold a press conference to announce their entry into the prestigious Australasian Song Awards, but the media are more interested in their past sexual relationship and Eva's involvement with the cult.

Eva moves into the cult and asks Moana to act as witness to her initiation ceremony. Concerned with the dangers of the cult and virtual dreaming, Moana steals a copy of the initiation document, which turns out to be a management agreement for Butterfly Crush, an underhanded attempt by the cult leader, Star, to take control of the duo.

As Matt and Moana grow closer, he tries to persuade her to join the cult, and she in turn tries to persuade him to leave. As the cult forbids sexual relationships with outsiders, their strong mutual attraction makes the promise of a relationship more enticing.

Then Moana's world collapses as Eva, being pulled from both sides, quits the duo. Unsure where to turn or who to believe, she knows she must bring it back together, if they are to realize their music dreams.

Moana confronts Star, in a one-on-one session, where she questions the deceptive practices of the cult and secretly records the meeting on her mobile phone. Star tries to manipulate Moana into joining the group and succeeds in undermining her faith in herself, leaving her badly shaken and wandering Sydney, lost and dazed.

Moana attends a Dreamguides evening in one final attempt to connect with Eva, but Eva performs a bare all performance signaling a permanent parting of ways for the duo.

The next day their manager, Angel, files an entrapment suit, putting pressure on the cult to allow them to negotiate with Eva on neutral ground.

Matt steals an investment document from the cult, which shows the leader to be skimming money from the accounts. He tells Moana that this document is an 'insurance policy', reveals his decision to move out of the cult, and they finally have their night of passion.

Matt convinces her to do a virtual dream so he can show her what’s really going on in the cult, but the dream session is interrupted by the Leader and her armed guards. Matt is put under ‘house arrest’.

Using the investment file as leverage, Moana and Angel force the cult leader to ensure Eva's participation in the Awards., which they win. Matt escapes his cult minders to join the duo in the dressing room, where Eva learns that Matt is leaving the cult. This opens the possibility that she also will and they all celebrate their success.


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