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Feature film based on the book Dance Sisters by Alan Clay


Written and Directed by Alan Clay


Moana                      Courtney Hale

Eva                          Hayley Fielding

Matt                         Richard Adams

Star                          Amelia Shankley

Angel                        Sally Kelleher



Sound                          Aaron Davis

Art Director                   Stewart Fulljames

Costume                       Manuka Clay

Make Up                       Celeste Strewe

Focus Puller                   Kim Thomas

Vocal Coach                   Catherine Carr                

Choreographer                Deborah Hale                       

Music Recording              Stuart Dixon

Production Coordinator     Simon English

Prod Office Manager         Trish Summers



Interior Shoot

DOP                               Ben Ruffell

1st AD                            David White

Gaffer                             Mathew Harte

Wardrobe                        Kristin Seth

Wardrobe Assistant          Louise Whittle

Caterer                           Mass Dioli


Exterior Shoot

DOP                                 Garfield Darlington

1st AD                              Nicla Comparin

Location Manager               Henry Richardson

Lighting Assistant              Chris Darling



Support Cast

Hustler                           Khanh Trieu

Bag Lady                        Sylvia Keays

Beggar                           Alexia Kelly        

Reporter 1                      Melissa Hawkins

Reporter 2                      Talia Kjoss

MC                                 Tim Davies

Rival Band Leader            Hayley Stewart

Crazy Lady                      Amohia Dudding

Dreamguides Members      Kate Gudsell     

                                     Daniel Hawkins

Sound Technician              Joanne Hartstone

Homeless Person              Jennifer Corren

Injured Person                  Louise Sykes



Special Thanks to:

City Extra Café

Devere Hotel, Sydney

Song Award Trophy by Emma Camden Glass

Ceramic Art by Stewart Fulljames



Rock Star
Written by Barraclough/Murphy/Murphy/Strother (ABC Music
administered by Mushroom Music Publishing)

Come Alive
Written by Caitlin Smith (Big Bang and Fuzz Pty Ltd)

Becoming Me
Written by Justin Tapp (Big Bang and Fuzz Pty Ltd)

I Know Who I Am
Written by Justin Tapp (Big Bang and Fuzz Pty Ltd)

Break Your Fall
Written by Leah Andreone (Centrifuge Music Publishing)

Never Stop Trying
Written by Leah Andreone (Centrifuge Music Publishing)

Butterfly Crush
Written by Natalia Bortolotti and J. Scott Smith (Hit Song Central)


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last updated 16 August 2010

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